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Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji

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PROCESS: Natural
VARIETYHeirloom Ethiopia
ELEVATION: 2,550 meters
ROAST: Medium-light
BODY: Light to Average
NOTES: Sweet peach and chocolate, smooth mouthfeel

This coffee comes to us from our direct trade partners in Benti Nenka region, part of Hambela Womena district in Ethiopia.

Hands down, Guji is one of the best coffees produced in Ethiopia. Having a stark difference from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffee, Guji coffee brings a unique flavor that is favored by many baristas from around the world. The Guji people have grown coffee trees in their fields for many centuries. Even today, many Guji farmers follow traditional methods to grow their coffee trees. Coffee is often incorporated with foods crops as a means of land use and providing food and income for farmers.

Up until 2002, Guji coffee was bundled together with Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffees under the umbrella “Sidamo.” Because of their unique profiles and flavors, both Guji and Yirgacheffe coffees started to be recognized by their own names.

Coffee from the Guji region offers a balanced and pleasingly complex cup profile.. In general, cuppers agree that Guji coffee comes with characteristics like the aromas of sweet peach and chocolate. It also has a bold character with a smooth, chocolate mouthfeel.

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