We have a few options to learn about the science and flavors behind coffee and roasting. Classes scale from basics for the beginner or intermediate coffee snob, up to and including hands-on coffee roasting training for hobbyists and aspiring commercials roasters.

Coffee Cupping

Join us in the roastery for a deep dive into the flavor profile of our coffees! We always have 2-3 coffees to work with at each session, and you're guaranteed to come away with better knowledge and appreciation for the humble coffee bean.

Tasting Experiences

We make new and existing coffees available for tasting on a regular basis. Sign up for one of these experiences to get all the details on our offerings, along with the chance to try out a cup with our roasting staff.

Coffee Roasting Essentials

This class is intended for anyone looking to get into roasting, or those just curious about what goes into making the perfect roast. You'll learn about coffee origins, processing methods, basics of importing and core concepts for setting up a roast. The multi-hour sessions includes a coffee cupping experience and concludes with a full start-to-finish roasting demonstration, which participants will get to take home at the end.

Coffee Roasting Deep Dive

A follow-up to our Coffee Roasting Essentials class, you'll gain more understanding of the equipment, chemistry and workflow of the coffee roasting business. Participants will be getting hands-on with the tools and equipment, and will pilot their own roast from start-to-finish. Class also includes a coffee cupping session, and participants will take home their roasted coffee at the end.


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