If you are serious about getting into the world of coffee roasting, but you don't currently have the ability to build a facility and purchase equipment, we can help!

Co-Roasting allows you to purchase green coffee (through us, or through your own supplier), roast it on our machines, and sell it as your own white product. We take care of everything else, including machine maintenance and upkeep.

A few Q&A items to consider:

Do you you store my green coffee, or do I have to bring it with me for each roasting session?


We offer the option to receive and store your coffee here in our roastery (for a small fee) or you may bring it with you for your roasting session.

You are also welcome to purchase small lots of coffee from our existing inventory.

Will I be roasting by myself, or will a professional roaster be working with me?


We automatically include a trained roaster to work with you at the machine unless you:

  • Have completed a certified roaster training course, AND
  • Have at least 100 hours of roasting completed (in our facility or elsewhere)

When you are ready to roast alone, we'll be glad to keep out of your way while you roast your coffee!

How do I book time on a machine? What are the fees? We are only in the beginning stages of launching our co-roasting program. For the time being, please use our contact form to reach out and discuss co-roasting booking and fees.
I don't own a coffee business, but I'm interested in learning to roast as a hobby. Can I roast on your machines?

While our co-roasting program is primarily designed around business that need roasted coffee for resale to their customers, we are making our small 2kg (5 lb) machine available for individuals that would like to increase their roasting knowledge.

If you'd like to discuss your roasting aspirations with our staff, feel free to reach out through our contact form and we'll see how we can partner up!


Ready to get started?

Use our contact form for to request more info.