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Yemen Haraaz

Yemen Haraaz

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PROCESS: Natural
: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaaadi
ELEVATION: 1,900-2,440 meters
ROAST: Medium-Light
BODY: Balanced
NOTES: Sweet and tart with praline, lemon, dried berry, and coriander flavors

Haraaz is a rocky, mountainous region of Yemen known for being one of the primary origins of coffee before the 17th century. Yemen's production isn't near the volume of the past, and the terrain doesn't seem to be friendly to coffee. However, farmers for generations have been terracing the mountains to grow coffees that are unique in profile when harvested and processed carefully. Most of Yemen lies in the border zone between two main weather patterns: the regular northerly winds (from the Mediterranean basin) and the southwest monsoon winds. Northerly winds predominate during the winter, while in the summer the southwest monsoon brings the primary rains.

This lot comprises fresh coffee cherries collected at the Mahal Aqeequl Yemen Drying Station that collaborates with Al-Ezzi in the collection and tracing of high-quality coffee cherry from farmers in the area. Fresh cherries are purchased directly from producers who have picked or sorted perfectly ripe fruit and delivered it immediately after harvest. Fully traceable through producer ID cards, coffee is dried on raised beds and milled in Sana'a.

Natural processing is the most traditional and most common form of processing in Yemen, and while historically coffees were dried by producers on rooftops and on backyard plots, today more and more specialty-coffee producers are focusing on high-quality processing by delivering ripe coffee cherries to a centralized mill. Cherries are first sorted for ripeness and quality before being rinsed clean of dirt, then they are spread on raised drying beds or tables, where they will be rotated constantly throughout the course of drying. Drying can take up to 35 days, depending on the weather.

Aside from Ethiopia, Yemen has one of the longest histories of coffee production. Yemen is largely responsible for the global spread of coffee both as an agricultural product and a beverage. There is much to be excited about in the world of Yemen coffees: For one, the specialty-coffee market there has seen some improvement and growth in the past few years, as the quality-focused work of entrepreneurs have gained attention.

The future of coffees from Yemen is somewhat uncertain, but the profile and the history alone create high demand and great affection for good specialty coffees from here. The varieties grown in the somewhat arid climate here and under full sun tend toward more deep chocolate tones, but the Natural processing contributes a dynamic winey characteristic that gives dimension and nuance. 

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