Welcome to The Roastery

Welcome to The Roastery

Our roasting concept is, in many ways, similar to hundreds of other coffee roasters that are producing amazing coffees all over the world. We bring in high-quality green coffees from a variety of growing regions around the world, and we process these coffees into a complex and rewarding experience in your cup.

If that was it, we'd hardly need to bother starting yet another roastery. It's worth stating again - there are lots of great companies out there roasting coffee, and many are doing an excellent job. However, I believe we are positioned to do more than just roast great coffee. In my experience as a business owner in the café space, it's apparent that establishing a recognizable brand and building on that identity is critical to maintain a long and successful life as a coffee shop.

That's where we differentiate ourselves. The Roastery is focused on providing unique, premium coffees for all coffee enthusiasts; however, we are focused on providing independent cafes, bakeries, restaurants and other hospitality industry businesses with an amazing coffee that represents YOUR brand - not ours. Our white label (private label) products put you in the forefront of your guest's coffee experience, with packaging that reflects your story.

Want more input into the roast? We also offer toll roasting. You can supply us with your green coffees, or allow us to help you source products from our existing import relationships. We will custom roast to your exact preferences, and we welcome you to join us to get hands-on in the crafting of your perfect coffee.

Don't need a custom roasted, private label coffee? You can take a more economical approach with our house-branded packaging for wholesale and retail bags. The choice is yours, and we are able to scale solutions that fit your needs, and grow with you as your business's needs change over time.

We're also very excited to offer custom-labeled coffees for non-profits, schools, churches, businesses and even individuals looking to generate meaningful ROI without huge upfront costs or large minimum order quantities. It can be difficult to generate much in the way of financial value in many product-based fundraisers, but with our programs you can generate $5-$10 per unit sold with passive sales options and no need to burden your organization with massive financial commitments. We would love to partner with you, no matter if it's just a small fundraiser or 100's of bags for your corporate gifting campaign.

The best part? We're not offering low quality coffees. All of our programs leverage incredible high-grade specialty coffees from the world's best growing regions, supporting farms and families through transparent trade relationships. In addition, we will rotate in unique offerings for direct purchase by the coffee connoisseur. These include our launch day offerings of Yemen Haraaz and a rare natural processed Sumatra Aceh. Offerings from premium origins such as Hawaii and Jamaica will be coming soon.

I'm excited to launch this new and unique approach to coffee roasting, and I hope you will allow us the privilege of serving you soon.

Christian Jolly
Managing Partner
The Roastery

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